When were you born?

This Store sells Electronic Cigarette related products and/or accessories.

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When were you born?

This Store sells Electronic Cigarette related products and accessories.

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Welcome to our new mod area! All mods that arrive on the site will all be added here. :-)

Here is a brief summary of what a mod (3rd gen) e-cigarette is:

There are currently 3 types of e-cigarette, 1st generation e-cigarettes are the ones that actually look like cigarettes. These ones are very poor in terms of performance (woeful battery life/cartidges last about 5 minutes and are very expensive also very poor vapour production.) We would even go as far as saying that these "cig-a-likes" can work out to be as expensive as actual smoking itself is, which is quite astonishing.

Second generation e-cigarettes are the ones that are a step-up from the 1st generation and will include many of the kits that we are selling, like the CE4 starter, the EVOD kit, the eGo-C and the Hangsen ECHO. These are satisfactory items for the end user and most people will start on a 2nd gen or will move up from a 1st gen e-cig.

3rd generation are the crème de la crème as they are fully customizable and are usually much larger than 1st and 2nd gen e-cigs. You get much better battery life too because these are usually fitted with batteries of 2,100mAh upwards. Most come with some form of digital display too showing voltage/wattage puff count etc. etc. Another beauty of the 3rd gen is that they look absolutely nothing like a traditional e-cig so when all the anti-ecig bellends say "they look just like cigarettes" you can hold your mod up and rhetorically ask them "does this look like a cigarette to you?"

We currently have several mods available (including the Joyetech eVic Supreme, the iStick 40W TC (Temperature Control), the iStick 50W and the Innokin Coolfire 4.) We will be adding more as time goes by. We only add ones that we believe are worthy of the name because we don't want to just add mods for the sheer hell of it. :-)

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Eleaf iStick 30W
### MAKING A COMEBACK! FROM 24th AUG 2017 ### Introducing the Eleaf iStick 30W! A fantast..
£32.99 £29.99
Eleaf iStick 40W TC
                    ### NOW IN BLACK, GREY..
£34.99 £29.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Eleaf iStick 50W
£39.99 £34.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Innokin COOLFIRE 4 Express Kit
The CoolFireIV TC100 is powered by the Ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset with 100W of pure power..
Based on 3 reviews.
Joyetech eVic
Introducing the Joyetech™ eVic! The eVic is a quality mod that will thoroughly..
Joyetech eVic Supreme
Introducing the Joyetech™ eVic Supreme in brushed silver or black! The eVic Su..
£99.99 £59.99
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