There are loads of online e-cigarette vendors out there, why buy from us?


1. Experience

Every man and his dog is now selling e-cigarettes and e-liquid and most of them are only in it for the money, this wesite was founded by a vaper and is run by vapers, so if you have any questions we are always on hand to give you a truthful answer. A lot of people now selling electronic cigarettes do not know exactly what they are selling, we do. And yes we also do this to make money, but do not do it solely for that, it's more a case of making money from something that we are very passionate about.


2. Fast customer service

Have you ever emailed an online website and had to wait a day or more for a reply? We certainly have, but not on our website. We will usually answer you within one hour if we are about, and always within 12 hours if we are not (i.e 3am in the morning.)


3. Tested products

As we are experienced vapers we try and test all our products, especially the e-liquid and starter kits, that way we know that they work and are of a satisfactory quality. Also it means that when we offer advice we are speaking from experience.


4. First class delivery

Nobody likes to wait until a website seller can be arsed to get your order posted out to you, we always try our best to get your order sent quickly, and it is always sent Royal Mail first class delivery without fail.


5. No quibble if things go wrong

In the rare case that you have a problem with anything you purchase from us please do not fear having to jump through tons of hoops, we will simply replace the item for you. We may ask you to return the faulty item in some instances but please do not worry, we'll cover the return postage.


6. Honesty

There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there passing off cloned items as big name branded items, we don't do that. If an item is a genuine Joyetech item then under the BRAND area in the product listing it will say Joyetech. Also if you were to contact us asking what the best item is to start vaping we won't write back saying you need X (X being one of our most expensive items.) No we won't do that at all, we will recommend a nice little good value entry level item to start you off with.


7. HTTPS Secure 128-bit website encryption.

Worried about how safe your information is online? Please do not worry our entire website is secured by state-of-the-art 128-bit website encryption by Thawte. What this basically means is that any information that you enter on this website cannot be intercepted by a rogue third party. Peace of mind for you and also for us.


8. Everything all under one roof

Our actual range of items is not vast but what we do have are the most popular kits and the most popular brand of e-liquid in the world (Hangsen.) We also sell clearomizers with replacement wicks, batteries, charging bags and other vaping related accessories. Basically everything you are ever going to need to get going is all here on this website at very reasonable prices too.